Dan’s Hooptober 2022: 31 Movies to Earth

In the fall of 2019 and inspired by Chris, I decided I was finally going to do Hooptober. I picked my movies out. I was set. I was gonna start on 10/1 and write full essays! Then I didn’t finish. Word to the wise: watching a movie a day and writing a huge piece on a film not as easy as it sounds. Not finishing Hooptober haunts me to this day.

This year though I’m doing it. I’m starting on 9/15 (and not October 1st) which gives me plenty of room to watch movies. I’m writing at my leisure. Most importantly, I’ve got my 31 films. Most are new to me and some are rewatches so it’s not entirely homework. If I get to the extra credit, I get to it. Some of my choices will overlap with Chris’s but hopefully there’s enough variety for everyone following along. My choices may change but they’ll stick to this year’s criteria. I’m pumped and ready to go!

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