Hooptober 2022 #9: Slugs (1988)

Part of the fun of Hooptober is because you have to meet certain criteria, you have to watch some films blind. Sometimes you get a film that blows you away and reminds you why you watch horror films. Sometimes you get horror films that also remind you why you watch them but not for conventionally... Continue Reading →

Hooptober 2022 #7: Saint Maud (2019)

CW; self harm Religious horror in the horror in the 21st century seems almost nonexistent. As a lapsed Catholic, I’m constantly drawn to horror films involving religious imagery. It won’t surprise you, there’s a lot. Most of the time, I’m just disappointed. My disappointment is that they’re rarely religious. Most of these films generally just... Continue Reading →

Hooptober 2022 #3: Freaky (2020)

As Florida residents and lovers of spooky things, going to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights is an annual tradition for my spouse and I. For anyone who has never gone or is unaware, Halloween Horror Nights is an after hours event in September and October at Universal Studios. Generally, they’ll have multiple “haunted houses” based... Continue Reading →

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