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Hi there. My name is Jon and for the last year, my friend Chris and I have been doing a monthly movie podcast called Cinema Dual, where we talk about a pair of movies around a theme of our choosing. Nice and simple. Well, we watch movies more often than we can talk about movies… Continue Reading →

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Hooptober 8.0 – Werewolves Within (2021)

Being Film #6 for Hooptober 2021 Did director Joel Rubin settle the question of “what’s the best video game adaptation of all time?” with Werewolves Within? Does it count as an adaptation when producers Ubisoft’s only real direction was “make it a good movie?” I have zero familiarity with the video game, although my family… Continue Reading →

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Varda by Jon – Part 12: La Glaneuse

At the time of writing, the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has just been released today. I don’t care speculate on exact plot details or on the film’s ultimate quality, but I am interested in the ways the filmmakers reflect and reinterpret the franchise with almost 18 years of hindsight and growth. It seems to have at least some bearing on the plot, as Neo and Trinity struggle to remember their past together, but also may have some bearing on the film as a whole. The trailer certainly carries enough visual signifiers of the past series, but stylistically it evokes less of the late 90’s industrial nu-metal vibes of the original and instead feels closer to the more recent and earnest output from the Wachowskis like Cloud Atlas or Sense 8. What does it mean for Lana Wachowski to go back to this particular subject matter now?

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