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Welcome to Cinema Dual – The Website

Hi there. My name is Jon and for the last year, my friend Chris and I have been doing a monthly movie podcast called Cinema Dual, where we talk about a pair of movies around a theme of our choosing. Nice and simple. Well, we watch movies more often than we can talk about movies… Continue Reading →

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Hooptober 8.0 – The Devil Rides Out (1968)

Being Film #27 for Hooptober 2021 Featuring Christopher Lee in a rare (if slightly excitable) heroic role, The Devil Rides Out is a great slice of near-cosmic horror. It may get more than a little heavy-handed with its pro-Christian themes trouncing the evil satanic cult (a touchstone of many of director terence Fisher’s films) but… Continue Reading →

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Varda by Jon – Part 13: Visual Artist

le this series has focused on the films of Agnès Varda, it’s reductive to describe her only as a filmmaker. Her career in photography predates her filmmaking career, and helps to inform her earliest film work, from the shots of the couple in La Pointe Courte to the contrasting images of a pregnant woman next to a pumpkin being hacked open in L’opéra-Mouffe.

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