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Hi there. My name is Jon and for the last year, my friend Chris and I have been doing a monthly movie podcast called Cinema Dual, where we talk about a pair of movies around a theme of our choosing. Nice and simple. Well, we watch movies more often than we can talk about movies… Continue Reading →

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Criterion Catch-Up: The Awful Truth (1937)

Watching Leo McCarey’s The Awful Truth I was brought back to those weekends with my dad. He passed down to me my love for Cary Grant, watching films like Father Goose and Mr. Lucky and North By Northwest. We had nothing else in common, so I clung to those stars and movies and absorbed them… Continue Reading →

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Criterion Catch-Up: Introduction

If you’re a cinephile (or movie addict – use whatever nomenclature you feel comfortable with; we’re not snobs here) tell me if this rings a bell: A new release gets announced, you rush to pick it up…maybe while you’re there you have some extra cash to spend so you get that reissues you’ve been meaning… Continue Reading →

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