Hooptober 2022 #33: The Fly (1958)

David Cronenberg’s 1986 The Fly is a cornerstone horror film for me. It’s the earliest horror movie I can remember watching and I’ve seen it many times since . The Fly moves me as much as it repulses me. A film about science gone amuck and an incredibly tragic romance. Sometimes though if you know... Continue Reading →

Hooptober 2022 #29: The Hidden (1987)

There’s always been something… off about actor Kyle MacLachlan. On the surface, MacLachlan is a traditionally handsome actor. In his performances, he can exude deep empathy or be a total prick. However, he always comes across as one step removed from society, an otherworldly presence. One of the great missed opportunities is he never got... Continue Reading →

Hooptober 2022 #15: Quatermass and The Pit (1967)

My first exposure to the world of Nigel Kneale’s science fiction hero Bernard Quatermass came via John Carpenter. Carpenter, a huge fan of Neale’s work, credited himself under the pseudonym Martin Quatermass for Prince of Darkness. Kneale supposedly hated the tribute for various reasons but it’s an appropriate nod. Carpenter’s remake of The Thing owes... Continue Reading →

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